1. Developing visibility to generate new business leads. 2. Offering integrated technical solutions for the heavy units’ lifts and modules. 3. Providing a variety of equipment, some of which are not available to any of our competitors in Egypt. 4. We compose periodical surveys, either in headquarters or in desert locations, to determine our customers’ behavior and needs, therefore we are almost always up-to-date about the day-to-day requirements in our field of work, which maximizes our customers’ satisfaction and loyalty to our firm. 5. We upgrade our fleet of equipment from time to time depending on our need to change and to keep up with the surrounding market. 6. We own a huge workshop solely working for doing the maintenance of any type of equipment in our fleet within or outside of the workshop (ex. A mobile group of technicians execute the required maintenance on the road or at any job location, mainly in the desert).
OTSE is an organization geared to serve the handling and transport of loads and equipment of any size or dimension or weight. In this respect the company owns a fleet of trucks, trailers, cranes, forklifts, loaders, bulldozers, and other lifting and handling equipment (Jacks, slings, and shackles). The company also owns a workshop area equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment for short and long term maintenance of all the various types of handling, lifting, and transportation equipment owned by the company. In such respect the company adheres to an industrial safety policy for the benefit of its workers and equipment which proves to be a very sound investment.
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