1. The operating petroleum companies. 2. Service petroleum companies. 3. Construction and housing companies. 4. Unique Governmental projects (ex. Water waste projects, power stations, power substations, underground railways project, building bridges and underground channels). 5. All private companies and persons, either local or foreign, requiring the service of transporting or lifting materials or goods of different specifications all over Egypt.
Who Are Our Customers
1. Rental of heavy trucks (trailers & low beds), telescopic cranes, and construction equipment for the construction and petroleum sector industries. 2. Rental of storage warehouses and yards in Alexandria, Cairo, and the Red Sea (Ras Ghareb). 3. Transportation of 20’ & 40’ sea containers and any other load. 4. Transportation of crude oil, drilling water and drinking water. 5. Specialized heavy haulage transport for over weight and over size loads/freights. 6. The transportation and cranage requirements to move all land-based rigs within Egypt.
How Customers Benefit From Us
Our customers benefit from our business in several ways. First, we present the required service at the suitable time. Second, we are responsible for immediate replacement of any of our equipment in case of any serious breakdown. Third, we offer very competitive rates for the rental of our equipment, which attracts many companies to start working with us. And finally, we offer the right technical solutions for lifting heavy equipment at critical points inside the job locations by using either hydraulic units or by manually lifting the equipment.
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